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Although cars give drivers a sense of convenience and independence that public transportation cannot provide, they also come with the headaches of traffic and parking. It’s with this thinking in mind that rideshares such as Uber and Lyft have come to fruition. They give customers the freedom to get to their destination without the annoyance of finding parking or navigating endless lanes of traffic.

Because of this, the Rideshare widget for Lyft and Uber on digital signage adds great value to businesses that want to go the extra mile to help their customers have a pleasant travel experience. The Rideshare widget displays live wait times and pricing options for Uber and Lyft rides. It provides current, localized content that is relevant and beneficial to travelers. This takes the stress of traveling and parking off of visitors minds, so they are free to enjoy themselves fully when they go out.

Rideshare information provided by the widget includes ride wait times, vehicle seating capacities, current price rates, price surge indicators, and more.

This information is useful in any environment where people need quick transportation options, such as hotels & resorts, apartment buildings, bars & restaurants, convention centers, airports, office buildings, hospitals, and more.

Displaying Lyft and Uber on digital signage makes traveling convenient and hassle-free for customers. In an apartment building, for example, residents can quickly check Uber and Lyft information on a lobby directory to help them plan out a trip to a local restaurant.

Features & Benefits

  • Display live wait times and pricing options for Uber and Lyft rides.
  • Display the widget fullscreen or as a smaller zone alongside other widgets.
  • Dynamically updates information for current wait times and price surges.
  • Web-based portal allows easy access and remote management.
  • Centralized control makes sure only authorized users have access to the widget.
  • Rideshare | Lyft & Uber
Rideshare | Lyft & Uber

The Rideshare widget allows businesses to display Lyft and Uber on digital signage. Conveniently display wait times, rates and surges on digital signs in your lobby to improve customer satisfaction and add value to their experience.

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