Queue Management

Customers hate to wait. We’re a culture of instant gratification where we want things fast and when we don’t get them, we become easily frustrated. The Queue Management widget empowers businesses to meet this customer need by enabling them to manage queues and wait times more efficiently.

The widget displays open stations, shows guests who are being served and those waiting, and displays estimated wait times. This promotes transparency and makes the customer feel that the queue and process are being handled fairly.

The widget also allows for addition information to be included so that guests are more prepared which speeds up service. It provides the option of listing what documents customers need to have in order to be processed, what services can be completed online, and other locations that can provide similar services.

It also provides the opportunity to display branding and marketing messages with more information about the company, some tidbits about the service employees and information about additional services. This information not only adds value to the customers’ visit but will also distract them and keep them occupied as they wait, which reduces perceived wait times.

The Queue Management widget also includes themes that can be customized to match company branding.

Features & Benefits

  • Display estimated wait times.
  • Show available stations or service employees.
  • Show progress of service e.g. step 1 completed, now doing step 2.
  • Show waiting customers and stations where they’ll be served.
  • Show what information customers need to have ready to speed up service.
  • Show additional services and other locations with similar services
  • Centralized control makes sure only authorized users have access to the widget.
  • Queue Management
Queue Management

The Queue Management empowers businesses to manage queues and wait times more efficiently and improve the visitor experiences. Businesses can display open stations, guests being served and those waiting to be served, estimated wait times, and more.

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