Can You Mod(ify) a Mobile Handset into a HTPC?

....And use a Nubbin to do that?

If you think Mvix Nubbin is just a Wireless 802.11N USB adapter for your laptop, think again! Jani Ponkko of famous stripped a Nubbin (literally) and used it for his recent Mod (hardware modifier) experiement where he ended up putting an entire computer in an old mobile handset!

MvixGurus salute Jani for such an innovative use of Nubbin.


We asked Jani about his experience with Nubbin, and he commented ... "... The nubbin is small. In computer hardware this is considered to be a good thing. I find the product ideal to carry around with laptops as I don't have to unplug it when packing the computer back to its carry case. Also, the nubbin (has) opened a lot of new possibilities for a modder that needs to cram as much hardware inside a small case as possible."

Read this breathtaking Mod story: "Mobira Dataman" on how to mod a 25 years old mobile phone to work as a HTPC and share with others!

Shoot us an email if you have such geek stuff to share...


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