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March 2009:: St. Patrick's Day Deal, PCWizKid Recommends Mvix t

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with MvixBox!

MvixNEWS Brief
St. Patrick Day Deal
Digital Signage for SMBs
PC WhizKid
MvixUSA in CES : Video

This St. Patrick's Day, make the leprechaun give up his pot of gold! MvixUSA staff is again green with envy and have an offer for you!

Grab the hot 2TB MvixBox, the NAS Media server bundled with 2 x 1000 GB HDD from our store for just $499 and get it shipped FREE to your doorstep.

  • Purchase a bundle of MvixBox (WDN-2000) & 2 x1 TB HDD from MvixSTORE,
  • During checkout, use the coupon code: 5H8D-3QDG-38H4 (expires: Mar 25, 2009)
  • Your final purchase price is $499
  • FREE shipping


Remember - InfoWorld recommended MvixBox in its Top 10 Geek Gifts during the holidays of 2008 ?


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Digital Signage for Small, Medium Business t

Digital Signage for SMBs In an era dominated by digital media and the internet, organizations of all sizes are fast shifting from static, print communications to more dynamic, flexible, and customizable digital signage to connect to customers, stakeholders, and employees. Digital signage has many names like narrowcasting, captive audience networks, out-of-home television, or electronic billboards. Whatever you call it, the system delivers high-quality, dynamic information, including video, motion graphics, and text, to a location according to a schedule you dictate.

Read more about how Digital Signage can revolutionize the way you reach your market!


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PCWhizKid Recommends Mvix MX-780HD DVI t

Thumbs Up for MX-780HD DVI

Mvix MX-780HD (DVI) has done it again!

The popular tech review site has given a rare 5 start rating for HD media player that earlier won several awards. The reviewer comments - "PCWhizKid loves technology and Mvix has the perfect mix of hardware for your multimedia needs in one box....The MX-780HD did a terrific job with my DivX and Xvid files which would load faster and display better than my Philips DivX Player and it plays back in HD! The audio quality was exceptional and the clarity and playback was smooth. ... "

Read the full review.

Watch PCWizKid's detailed review of the Mvix MX-780HD DVI in video!


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Mvix at CES 2009 t

MvixUSA Caught on Video at CES 2009!

Geek News Central caught us in camera during the busy hours at CES 2009 at Las Vegas!

We were elated and thought we should share!


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MvixBox Combo Promo March 2009
Offer Expires March 25 !


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PC Whiz Kid Recommends Mvix


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