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MvixNEWS - April 2008 - Seven Sixty Spring $pecial! t

Spring Special :: Mvix MX-760HD for $249

MvixNEWS Brief
760 Spring Special
NEW MX-760HD Firmware
Mvix KnowHow
More Business With Mvix

SPRING comes this year with a true sensation. Here’s a sensational spring sale on one of our most acclaimed product: Mvix MX-760HD.

Until 11th of this month, get a Mvix MX-760HD for a reduced price of $ 249.00 (Shipped FREE!).

MX-760HD Spring Sale

With a dizzying array of features, Mvix MX 760HD is one of the smartest choices for your home theater or business solutions.

So make sure to grab this seven sixty spring special – before it's too late!

To take advantage of this offer:

  • Sign in to buy a Mvix MX-760HD unit from our MvixSTORE,
  • During checkout, use the coupon code: 2RQ8-UR16-276I (expires: April 11th, 2008)
  • Final purchase price is $249.00 only (includes FREE Shipping).

Buy Now MX-760HD
760 Spring Special offer expires this Friday, April 11th!


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Mvix MX-760HD::Yet Another Firmware! t

Mvix MX-760HD Firmware v1.2.1

HERE is the news you all have been waiting for … A new firmware for the Mvix MX-760HD !(Yes ! this is not an April fool’s joke either)

In our continuous endeavor to empower you with new features and improved functionalities, here’s a firmware update that makes your Mvix player fresh with some new cool features!.

Download MX-760HD Firmware This new firmware (v1.2.1) upgrades a Mvix MX-760HD to like autoscan, internet radio, internet video (beta), multi-language support and more.

Download now and enjoy the endless versatility of your Mvix MX-760HD.


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MvixUSA Knowledge Base Gets a New Identity t

Launch of Mvix KnowHow!

THE most popular section in our regular newsletter and our website has been the Knowledge Base articles created by our Tech Support Team.

Mvix Know HowConsidering the interests of our Mvix fans, we will soon be launching a dedicated newsletter called Mvix KnowHow. Mvix KnowHow will publish newer applications and “how to…” articles for our Media Centers.

What’s more …..the newsletter will feature leading industry analysts and their informed opinions. You will receive articles and snippets on a broad areas of digital media and lifestyle.

So, keep an eye out for your knowledge update on Mvix and more!


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Beat Our Imagination! t

Do More “Business” with Mvix

WE ran a campaign last month on “I do more with my Mvix” and received quite a few interesting responses on personal applications of an Mvix player.

Mvix SolutionWe are getting a bit more ambitious. We are inviting suggestions on innovative business applications of Mvix players. While we are aware of certain business solutions of Mvix Media Centers, we want to hear more.

Mvix Media Center is versatile enough to lend itself to a variety of applications. Can you think of something unique? Out of the box? If you foresee a business application of this versatile player, or if you are already using an Mvix in your business, please share with us.

Mvix Solution Please send the following:

  • a document (Doc or PDF) with a brief paragraph on that killer application of Mvix player and your contact details, and
  • a photograph (in case you are already using such application)
If possible, please zip them in a folder.

Of course, if we decide to feature your suggestion or application, you will receive an Amazon Gift Card worth $50 and a supercool Mvix t-shirt.

Shoot us an email with your entry by April 30, 2008 at


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Mvix MX-780HD hi def wireless media player


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Mvix MX-780HD Review

"....the 780HD does a fantastic job with video playback many times doing a better job than your set top box. The wireless and the networking gave me no troubles at all. I had instant access to all shared folders on my desktop, laptop, and Windows Home Server- so storage space is not confined to a single hard drive but will span your shared network space. Overall, it is a welcome improvement over the old 5000 Mvix and definitely worth the upgrade."




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Mvix MX-780HD Buzz

Leading Tech websites, blogs and print magazines are all buzz with the news of MX-780HD launch. Check out why Mvix media center is the darling of the press at this moment!












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