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Stop Testing your Patient's Patience

Digital Signage: De-Stress and Educate your Patients

“Treatment” is the key word for any healthcare facility across the globe. However, in this era, “treatments” are no more limited to vials and tablets. It includes the quality of experience (QoE) for a patient and that influences the possibility of a return visit.

Waiting in a hospital, clinic or a doctor's office is the single most dissatisfying experience for a patient. Even in the best facilities, unexpected events can create long wait times for patients and their families. Having attractive and engaging media content has been found to alleviate this boredom and reduce anxiety. Digital Signage can help inform, entertain, and help patients and visitors relax more efficiently with a combination of video, text, graphics, news and weather.

The Mvix Digital Signage Solution is a natural fit for healthcare-related clinics and offices that are looking to improve communications with their visitors and patients. Its extremely low cost and ease of use allows practitioners to improve efficiency and the quality of patient care.

Lobby/Reception Area: Assist visitors with information about

  • Registration Procedures and Insurance Information
  • Availability of Doctors, Clinic Hours and Wait-times
  • Way-Finding, Directions and Practice Promotions

Waiting Rooms: Keep your patients engaged by displaying

  • Health and Wellness Information Videos
  • Highlight Specialities of Doctor & their Educational Backgrounds.
  • Information and Tips about Healthy Lifestyle
  • Partner Co-branding and Promotion (a Revenue Stream !!)

Exam Rooms and Operatories: Engage and Inform Patients with:

  • Display of Patient Records & Medical History
  • Information about New Procedures and Medicines
  • Any update from labs or OTs




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