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Digital Signage Solutions for Restaurants Digital Signage Solutions for Restaurants January 2011
Display Nutritional Information on Menu Boards

Digital Signage & Menu Boards:
One Stop Solution to Keep Up with Regulations & Trends

Correct and Up-to-date information is the key to success in today’s customer-centric businesses. As foods and cuisines form an integral part of the cultural identity of a nation or locality, showcasing the story behind that cuisine adds to its flavor. Imagine a showcase of your unique cuisine with information such as the origin of the cuisine, its ingredients, other details unique to the area or food etc.

How about showcasing a new dish in your restaurant? Or (consistent with the Federal regulation) a display of nutritional information for all dishes on your menu? - Now imagine a overcrowded printed menu and the huge cost for reprinting (everytime you update the information). Bewildering, isnt it?

Well, You are not alone. This problem is lurking upon approximately 200,000 restaurants and QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants).

The savior – Mvix Digital Signage & Menu Board Platform specially designed for Restaurants, Fast-food locations and QSRs!!

To know more about Digital Menu Boards, a turnkey solution for restaurant owners, check us out at:

nutritional information

Mvix Digital Signage
Menu Boards provide the flexibility and versatility your restaurant needs:

signage Customer Relationship starts with sharing information. Share the stories behind your recipes.
menu boards Display those calorie values to say you care about your customer’s health and well being.
signs Showcase the regulatory information attractively, neatly with better visibility and readability.
displays Enhance your business credential, reputation and ROI by keeping pace with needs of changing times.
low cost signs One-time cost, easy to use software, and customizable display options.
mvix ceeno digital signage menu board system
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