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Mvix HTPC and High-end Media Centers Bringing HD Entertainment to Living Rooms November 2010
All in one Home Theater PC

PC for your Living A Room

Blu-ray Movies

PC for your Living A Room Blu ray Movies

Energize your living room with the power and style of the remarkable Mvix HDHome. Delivering a radical new approach to Lifestyle computing, HDHome is the latest revolution in bringing social entertainment to your fingertips.

Built for Movie aficionados, HDHome system not only provides online and local media content but also features an embedded BluRay player with PowerDVD. Eliminating the need for an additional set-top BD box in the living room, HDHome is now the center for all things HD, and Digital Media.

Magic of Windows® 7

RAID-enabled Storage

Magic of Windows® 7 RAID enabled Storage

HDHome is a comprehensive approach to simplistic style, elegant design and natural interfaces. It leverages the latest, Windows 7 Media Center® platform to deliver a near-perfect user interface. Now you can Watch, Pause, and record Live TV. Browse Internet TV stations, watch Netflix, and easily share media across your home network.

In spite of its small size, HDHome provides storage capacity of upto FOUR hot-swappable Hard Drives (S4 model). Imagine a RAID-enabled, Scalable, Reliable, Secure Storage for all your digital media and documents. ... and Yes! we are talking Gigabit network. Start ripping, downloading and cataloging your HD videos - for bragging rights, if nothing else.

Dolby® HD Music

Mvix HDHome is the stylist PC for the living room. Built upon a powerful computing platform, it focusses on Full-HD (1080p) media playback, network access and sharing. Imagine the possibilities of accessing social networking platforms (like Facebook®, Youtube®, Twitter® etc.) combined with online media acquisition systems (like Hulu®, Netflix®, and thousands of online TV channels like Revision 3®) directly from the comfort of your living room
Dolby HD Music

HDHome is not just about HD Video playback. It also allows rich, HD 3D digital music over HDMI and Optical Digital Audio Out. Build your repository of your favorite music and enjoy the crystal clear audio over your surround sound system. It is built for music fans that appreciate, style, great fidelity and a sensational audio experience.

A Priceless Gift

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For multimedia lovers who want to save a little, Mvix HDHome includes a lot of the bells and whistles seen in higher-end Home Theater Systems, but at a remarkably low price. This feature-packed home-entertainment system is one of the hottest gift ideas for this season.

Here's a chance to get this stylish, state-of-the-art media centric console at a discount. Simple use coupon code: DQEHEQ6XLX and get $200 off on Mvix HDHome S2 and over $300 off on the HDHome S4 model.

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$300+ Discount

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