BrandSignage is web-application that ensures brand consistency across a distributed, independent-operator digital signage network.Targeted toward a decentralized, franchise-based digital signage platform, BrandSignage allows brand-owners to maintain a robust brand image while allowing for localized-flexibility for their franchisees.

BrandSignage is equipped with two complementary modules:

Template Designer: A flexible, drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG editor to design display templates for digital signage via a combination of image / text layers and zones. Assign user-based permissions to each layer, create users (think franchisees), assign templates to each user and allow publishing of customized templates.

Campaign Manager: A versatile advertising playlist creation tool to allow for a combination of corporate and localized campaigns. Corporate campaigns become mandatory across the signage network, whereas the localized campaigns are selected and published by each franchisee.

Combined with spectacular display quality of Mvix Xhibit, BrandSignage offers a robust, SaaS-based, brand continuity tool to manage the signage network by minimizing brand monitoring costs.


Professional templates, scheduler and publisher

SignageCreator is an easy-to-use, web-based design software for designing signage layouts, digital menu boards and screen design. This self-serve design tool offers the flexibility of incorporating high quality content into a signage network at a fraction of the cost.

Accessible using a modern web-browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.) this SaaS-based application provides a repository of hundreds of professionally-designed templates. Simply choose one of the pre-designed templates, edit the text content, update the images/media and publish. Content can be designed, edited and updated dynamically from one location via a web-browser.

With an ever expanding template library of hundreds of proefessionally-designed signage templates, SignageCreator provides an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor to create and customize digital menu boards, digital posterboards, lobby signs, office directories, advertising display signs and more.


Nutritional Menu Boards for K-12 Schools

DigitalSchoolMenu is an easy-to-use, full-managed, web software suite for helping school districts and schools disseminating lunch menu information to children, parents and other stakeholders.

This SaaS-based application provides a centralized database to manage daily lunch program information for all schools in a district along with nutritional and allergan infromation. The data is utilized to display menu boards in school cafeterias, web-portals for children and parents and to send notifications via mobile apps.

A fully-managed software suite, it utilizes pre-designed templates, and the ability to edit text content, update images/media, logos and publish. Content can be designed, edited and updated dynamically from one location via a web-browser.

Data updating permissions can be assigned across three hierarchical user roles – District administrator, School administrators and Cafeteria managers. Menu-boards can be configured to display a breakfast, and/or lunch menu data across days, weeks and months.



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Custom Apps and Services

Behind a great digital signage is the software running it. We undertake concepts and develop a custom software needed to make the Digital Signage network adapt to the project needs./p>

Depending on the existing infrastructure and project requirements, our R&D engineers and project management team offer a complete end-to-end solution. We offer high quality, high performance, commercial-grade equipment with the industry’s best service and warranties. As a leader in AV technology solutions, Mvix has the skills and resources to fully develop, customize, manage and maintain a custom digital signage solution.

We have been developing software solutions in technologies that cover the entire AV Spectrum. Our core development team specializes in embedded software programming, PHP, Java, Flash / HTML5, etc. If you’re unsure of the best technology for your application, our experienced staff can recommend one. Our R&D and Engineering group can help you bring your idea to life.